The War

The year is 2021, war is coming. As Cryptocurrencies and NFTs continue to shock the world, the battle for Crypto supremacy starts now. The three largest players in the NFT realm, Ethereum, Solana and Cardano begin an arms race, each constructing an army of their kind.

The Ethereum ETs will be the first to assemble, as they take to space, now calling Mars home. Solana will follow shortly thereafter, needing to recruit at record speed in order to keep pace with the ETs. Known now as the Skulls, they have set up their headquarters on the west coast in San Francisco. Around the same time, Cardano enthusiasts will finalize the creation of their militia of Crypto Bots (C-Bots for short) in the Swiss Alps.  

Now, each army is recruiting 8333 new fighters to join their cause. Devastation is inevitable. Civilians will not be spared. That leaves you with only one choice…



Presale (NOV 12th)- 0.035 ETH
Sale (NOV 14th)- 0.04 ETH
**4+ NFTs- 0.035 ETH /NFT**

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    Genesis Spies (500)
            0.04 ETH

    Solana Skulls (8,333)

 Cardano C-Bots (8,333)

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Virtual ART Gallery

The collection consists of 3 Armies, each having 8,333 fighters:

  • Ethereum ETs Militia (
  • Solana Legion of Skulls (TBD)
  • Cardano C-Bots Battalion (TBD)

The break down of different ranks in each army is listed below:


The Creator belongs to no army.
There is only one Creator.
With great power comes great responsibility.


The Solana Legion of Skulls:

  • King/Queen Bones
  • General Skulls
  • HOA Skulls
  • Major Skulls
  • Spy Skulls
  • POW Skulls
  • Captain Hybrid Skulls
  • Skullfantry
  • Private Human Skulls


The Ethereum ETs Militia:

  • Lord ETH
  • General ETs
  • HOA ETs
  • Major ETs
  • Spy ETs
  • POW ETs
  • Captain Hybrid ETs
  • ET Alienfantry
  • Private Human ETs


The Cardano C-Bot Battalion:

  • Tormentor
  • General C-Bots
  • HOA C-Bots
  • Major C-Bots
  • Spy C-Bots
  • POW C-Bots
  • Captain Hybrid C-Bots
  • C-Botfantry
  • Private Human C-Bots









Whether you are joining the fight as a veteran or a rookie, here are some battle secrets to help you on your way.

How do I get selected for a presale?
How do I get a wallet?
What are gas fees?
Do I own the rights to my NFT?
When will minting be available?
How does the minting process work?
Do I get to pick which fighter(s) I am buying?
What is the official contract link?


Creator Ryan


PSA: Not a real Oscar. I was born in Toronto, Canada and now reside in Sydney, Australia -with stops in USA and Europe in between. We started this project in July and it has been nothing but Crypto and NFTs ever since. Our team is quite diverse in both nationality and skill set. Our goal is to make Crypto Wars a household name and watch this project take over the NFT space!

King Kenny


Tattoo artist by trade. Levelled up to NFT Creator this year and hasn't looked back. The perfect mix of quality and rebellion, Kenny's work speaks for itself.

Lord RoB

Venture Capitalist

Innovation and technology are Rob's middle names. Born in Ohio, in what is called the Rust Belt of USA, Rob immigrated to Australia in 2006. Rob values his family and friends, and the team above all else. He has many passions including ice hockey and of course NFTs.

Captain Bianca


Jack of all trades. Passion for all things Crypto and NFT. Have been helping major brands in mkg and advertising for the past 10 years.



Former Uk leading authority on Twitter. NFTs Enthusiast and collector, advising  NFT artists & NFT project founders how to sell more NFT's. Powered by Lattes.



One of the nicest people we have worked with before. V comes with over 10 years back end development and has worked on such projects as HappyLand Gummy Bears previously.

Major Jess


Experience in both front and back end development. Current niche is handling randomisation of NFT projects and their metadata. Lovely woman with a great sense of humour!

General poof

Community Manager

Born and raised in NY, I became involved in the NFT world through a mix of digital networking and incredibly weird timing. My job entails bridging the space between the devs and the voice of the community, ensuring a safe and rewarding environment for all members.

Tormentor X

Community Management

The mysterious X. Passionate about all things blockchain. Rarely sleeps. Mr. Collaborator. If there is ever a trivia game about NFT projects, X will win.

Lord A-Man

Web Developer

A-man has been in the tech sector his whole life. Prior to this project, having worked with several fortunes 500 companies including, AT&T, Google and IBM. Fresh into NFT space and loving it!